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We have a full-time office staff that answers every call. We don’t leave our clients waiting or let them fall through the cracks.

Detailed Assessments

Our team is trained to assess your property thoroughly to ensure you get the most accurate property valuation possible.

Fast Turnaround

We finish your reports quickly to prevent hold ups or bottlenecks. You’ll get your assessment back as quickly as possible.

How Do Our Appraisers in Texarkana, TX Determine Your Home’s Value?

Our trained appraisers give thorough assessments to ensure your report is detailed and accurate. This means you’re not left questioning your report.

A precise property appraisal accounts for both internal and external factors. Internal factors are features of the home, like the house’s age, square footage, number of bedrooms, and more. External factors have to do with the city or neighborhood where the home is located.

Here are two factors that could affect your home’s appraisal value in Texarkana, TX:

Texarkana ISD: Texarkana ISD has an impressive A-minus rating, which is above average.

Average home value in Texarkana, TX: Homes in Texarkana have an average appraised value of $156,299.

Remember, these numbers may vary depending on where you live in the city. Contact our appraisers in Texarkana, TX to get the most accurate appraisal of your home.

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What Kind of Appraisal Do You Need?

Our Real Estate Appraisers in Texarkana, TX Can Do It All

Lending & Mortgage Appraisal

Our expert house appraisers perform fast and accurate real estate appraisals for banks and lenders throughout Texarkana, Texas.

Appraisals For Divorce

Divorce is hard. Dividing assets makes it harder. We offer precise home appraisals for divorcees to help ensure everyone gets a fair deal.

Estate & Probate Appraisals

The last thing on your mind while grieving the loss of a loved one is probate. We make it easier by handling all the appraisal details for you.

Tax Protest Appraisals

If you think your tax bill is too high, you may be right. Call Professional Appraisers of Texas to get an appraisal to protest your property taxes.

Appraisal To Remove PMI

If you have 20% equity, you can stop paying for private mortgage insurance. Request a Texarkana appraisal to see if you’ve reached your equity goal.

Appraisal For Listing Value

Whether you’re listing FSBO or working with a realtor, we’ll help you assess your home’s value so you can list it at a competitive price that will sell quickly.


Accurate & Unbiased Appraisals In Texarkana, Texas

We don’t just trust our gut… or even our ability to use a measuring tape. At Professional Appraisers of Texas, we generate accurate appraisals using the latest tools, best protocols, and proven methods.

We Follow The Data

Outdated and inaccurate information makes for faulty appraisals. We gather the latest data from the city, nearby neighborhoods, and more to get the most accurate and up-to-date information.

We Follow Protocol Exactly

We have a detailed checklist to hold us accountable to assess every detail of your home. We also speak with you before we start the process to find out if there is anything unique about your home we should consider.

Technology Matters

We don’t just use tape measures and writing pads. We measure your home with lasers and create your report in the cloud. Not just because new tech is cool, but because it makes your appraisers more accurate and your reports faster.

Experienced Appraisers

If you don’t trust your appraiser, you can’t trust their report. That’s why all of our appraisers are licensed, trained, and experienced to provide you with an accurate appraisal. We only hire friendly, professional personnel.

We Assess Absolutely Everything

Many appraisers cut corners to save time. They don’t assess the small stuff because it’s time consuming. We believe that’s plain wrong. Every appraiser on our team is trained to pay meticulous attention to every detail.

Your Input Impacts Your Appraisal

We are expert appraisers. But you’re the expert of your home. Our appraisers take your input into account when we appraise your home because if anyone has insight that could help us make our report even more accurate, it’s you.

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Better Tools. Better Results.

Times are changing and so are the ways homes are appraised.

  • Faster Turn Around

    We collect data & create reports electronically, to get your appraisal report to you faster.

  • Accurate Home Appraisals

    We measure your home with laser meters, to provide the most precise appraisal reports possible.

  • Easily Accessible Data

    We store your reports in the cloud so you can access them from anywhere, anytime.

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