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Immediate Responses

We provide real estate appraisal services in Longview to clients with immediate responses, fast turnarounds, and accurate reporting.

Accurate Appraisals

Nobody's perfect, not even appraisers. That’s why we use the latest digital tools (not just a pen and tape measure) to deliver flawless reports with quick responses.

Quick Report Turn Times

Although appraising a house is normally a one-person job, the entire process can be inefficient. That's why we have an entire staff to maintain high levels of productivity.


When an independent appraiser works solo, they often find themselves with a plethora of things to do each day and can’t possibly do it all. That means things move slowly and it takes longer to get reports.

We are more than independent contractors. We are a full team committed to providing you with trustworthy reports and a rapid turnaround.

You don’t have to wait for days to get a simple question answered, our supportive staff helps each other so you aren’t left waiting.

You have a team who can answer any questions you may have about scheduling an appraisal, requesting a revision, or checking on your report's status.

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Lending & Mortgage Appraisal

Brokers and realtors rely on our opinion of value for quick decisions. Let us help streamline your real estate transactions.

Home Appraisal for Divorce

All divorces are stressful. Incorrect asset division only makes it worse. Our accurate home appraisals for divorce settlements will make it a little easier.

Estate & Probate Appraisals

Executing a will is not easy. For all parties to feel heard and treated equally, a probate appraisal must be precise. Ask us how.

Property Tax Protest Appraisal

Property taxes should not be higher than necessary. You can request a property tax protest appraisal if you believe you pay too much in property taxes or you believe the value of your home has changed.

Home Appraisal to Remove PMI

Private Mortgage Insurance is required by banks until homeowners reach 20% equity. It's possible to stop paying PMI if your home is worth more now. Call Professional Appraisers of Texas today.

Listing Appraisals

Your realtor can usually advise you on a realistic listing price. You may nevertheless need a listing appraisal in special cases, such as FSBO, to make sure your home is being listed at the highest market value.

How Do We Keep Appraisals Accurate & Unbiased? With A Different Approach.

Our Longview, TX appraisers have decades of experience. However, your appraisal is not solely dependent on our expertise. Anyone can make mistakes, even the best appraiser.

To help make sure your appraisal is error-free, we rely on respected tools, tested methods, and dependable data.

Here’s how we approach the appraisal process…

We Rely on Accurate Data

With that commitment, we utilize mobile technology to provide fast, efficient services for our clients. Your data is synced straight to the office, meaning a shorter turnaround time.

We Follow Standard Procedures

Errors happen when protocols and standard procedures are not in place. We hold ourselves to a higher standard. So things are not left out of your appraisal – inside and outside of your home.

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We Look at the Small Details

During an appraisal, it is common for small details to be overlooked, resulting in serious errors. In order to ensure no important item is missed from the report, our inspectors meticulously inspect the whole property.

We Hire Experienced Appraisers

There is nothing that can replace the value of experience, regardless of the certifications, technology, or tools you have. Appraisal professionals with decades of experience work for Professional Appraisers of Texas. Thousands of appraisal opinions have been provided because of their experience and innovation.

We Listen to You & Welcome Your Questions

It is normal to have questions regarding your home appraisal. Our professionals welcome you to ask questions. We want you to understand the process and feel confident that your appraisal is fair and credible.

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We Use Better Tools. You Get Better Results.

Yes, it matters. Here’s why…
  • Faster Turn Times

    We process requests, collect data, produce reports, and electronically deliver appraisals… fast. We don't leave you waiting around for weeks.

  • Precision in Reporting

    In order to make the most accurate measurements, we use laser distance meters. Floor plans are recorded using appraisal apps. Be certain to get the most accurate report possible.

  • Easily Accessible Data

    Our system will retrieve your appraisal report in seconds, regardless of whether you need it today, tomorrow, or next year. It takes us only seconds to get your reports to you.

Homeowners Like You Trust Us For Appraisals in Longview, tx


“Professional Appraisers of Texas are knowledgeable, helpful, thorough and efficient. They are easy to schedule with, are timely and have supportive staff in the office.”
Amanda Robins


“I had to get my papers on a certain date and he rushed and got them done. When I had questions he answered my call or text at a reasonable time.”
Melissa Neal


“The appraiser showed up on time and introduced himself… After his inspection, we visited for a few minutes to ensure we were both in agreement on the scope of the inspection and he stated the appraisal report could take 2.5 to 3 weeks to complete. I was pleasantly surprised after only a 10-12 day period, I received a comprehensive appraisal of my property.”
Bryan Davis

Fast Appraisals in Longview, TX

When you hire Professional Appraisers of Texas, you get a team to provide quality services.

Our team will answer when you call and work together to get you the answers to your questions.

Get your appraisal done faster and your questions answered immediately with Professional Appraisers of Texas.

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