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Our dedicated office staff makes themselves available all day, everyday to handle requests, answer questions, and schedule house appraisals in Sugar Land.

Accurate Appraisals

Precision is the primary responsibility of an appraiser. We use the latest, most reliable tools and methods to ensure the most accurate reports possible.

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We deliver Sugar Land home appraisals faster than other appraisers because we work hard to optimize every aspect of the process to ensure it’s 100% efficient.

Highly Responsive Home Appraisers In Sugar Land, TX Who Answer… Every Time You Call

You’ve likely heard stories of stalled closings, or even contract cancellations.

When the appraisal gets postponed, the entire process can get derailed.

Often homeowners, buyers, and real estate agents find themselves gridlocked. Unable to continue the process or complete the transaction until the appraisal is completed.

Why does this happen? Because most appraisers are independent contractors. They handle everything from writing reports to answering phone calls and executing inspections.

Customers love working with Professional Appraisers of Texas because they know they’re getting more than a solo appraiser. They’re getting an entire team dedicated to delivering their report ASAP.

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What Kind Of Appraisal Do You Need?

Our Real Estate Appraisers In Sugar Land Can Do It All

Lending & Mortgage Appraisal

If you’re a real estate agent or broker looking for a trustworthy appraiser to work with, you can count on us. We provide reliable appraisals in Sugar Land fast.

Home Appraisal for Divorce

Few experiences are more difficult than going through a divorce. Dividing assets is one of the toughest parts. We provide accurate home appraisals for divorve settlements, so both parties receive fair treatment.

Estate Settlement & Probate Appraisals

If you’ve been tasked with the role of executor, you have a challenging job ahead of you. A real estate valuation can ensure all heirs receive the fair, equal inheritance designated to them.

Appraisals to Protest Property Taxes

Property taxes in Sugar Land and the Houston area are extremely expensive. If you believe you’re paying more than you should for property taxes, you should request a property valuation. An appraisal will provide the evidence you need to protest your property tax amount.

Home Appraisal to Remove PMI

When you buy a home, banks charge Private Mortgage Insurance until you reach around 20% equity. If you reach that number by appreciation, you won’t owe PMI any longer. Request appraisal services to find out if you qualify to remove PMI.

Listing Appraisals

Are you planning to list your home as FSBO and need to know the best market value for your home? Does your home have a unique layout or unique features that may make it challenging for a real estate agent to estimate its value? Our property appraisers in Sugar Land, TX can provide an appraisal to help you know what price to list your home.

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How Do We Keep Appraisals Accurate & Unbiased? With A Different Approach.

Despite our decades of experience with appraisals, we don’t rely solely on years of experience to get the job done right. That’s why we follow a thorough checklist to ensure our appraisal process is as credible as possible.

Here’s how we do it…

We rely on accurate data

You may have heard that the location is a significant factor in producing an opinion of value for a house. Many appraisers find out what similar properties have listed and sold for, and follow suit. However, this data is not always accurate. So we dig deeper. We ensure the property data we use is recent, accurate, and relevant.

We follow standard procedures

Our home appraisal company in Sugar Land, TX follows the highest standards when it comes to appraising your property. Some of the primary factors we consider are: the floor plan, square footage, number of bedrooms and restrooms, the key amenities and features of the home and property, and more.

We evaluate everything. Yes, everything.

An experienced appraiser knows not only to assess large, significant items. But also smaller, seemingly less significant items. Small items add up, and appraisers who leave them out could provide you an inaccurate appraisal.

We use state of the art technology

It’s easy to make mistakes when you’re using a tape measure and writing pad. A simple typo could lead to a serious miscalculation in the appraisal report. So we rely on highly accurate tools that ensure we collect data faster and more accurately.

We hire experienced appraisers

Regardless of our superior technological tool belt, nothing takes the place of experience. We hire appraisers who have assessed thousands of houses over the past several decades. You can rest easy knowing your appraiser knows what he’s doing.

We listen to you & welcome your questions

You have every right to ask questions and understand our process. You’re welcome to ask your evaluator any questions you like. The appraiser will also go over the scope of the assessment when finished to ensure you feel comfortable with what the inspection covered.

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We Use Better Tools. You Get Better Results.

Our goal is to deliver your appraisal report error free, as fast as possible. That’s why we use state-of-the-art tools to produce reliable appraisals quickly. Laser distance meters, cloud technology, electronic reporting, and other tools help us serve you better.

Here’s how…

  • Faster turn times

    Our real estate professionals use modern tools to provide fast and accurate residential appraisals. Better tools help us collect data faster, process appraisal requests quickly, and electronically deliver appraisal reports speedier than anyone.

  • Reliable home appraisals

    Laser distance meters, mobile appraisal apps, and other tools hold us accountable to recording accurate data, and delivering the most trustworthy reports possible. You can ask about our methods and tools when we arrive.

  • Easily accessible data

    Cloud technology makes all the data we collect available from just about anywhere, while remaining 100% secure. You may need your appraisal records tomorrow, next week, or next year. Either way, we can find them easily.

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Most of the time, when you hire a professional appraiser, you get one contact person who handles everything. This may sound personable, but it quickly proves inefficient. At Professional Appraisers of Texas, you don’t get just one appraiser. You get a whole team committed to completing your project on time.

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