At Professional Appraisers of Texas, Inc., technology is the name of the game. Need a fast appraisal in Longview, Tyler, or Houston? We have the latest devices to help us get the job done quicker than ever. From LiDAR 3D Scanning & mapping via CubiCasa to iPad Total for Mobile and smart phones, Leica Laser Distance meters to GPS, you name it, we use it.

Our mission remains to put report quality and customer service first. Utilizing the latest appraisal technology tools, digital work files, online appraisal ordering and electronic appraisal report delivery, we are able to maintain an extremely high level of quality and service without sacrificing turn times.


We work hard to provide fast and efficient services for our clients, and as part of that commitment we have fully embraced applicable technology. Using mobile tablet devices, LiDAR based 3D scanning practices, precise laser distance meters, mobile appraisal apps and cloud technology means faster and more reliable appraisals for you.

Don’t be surprised when you see us using a tablet PC or iPad while at the property! In order to precisely measure houses and draw floor plans, we use one of two state-of-the-art techniques; 3D LiDAR scanning devices or Leica distance meters. When utilizing scanning technology, we use a 3D LiDAR scanning device coupled with an award winning application called CubiCasa, which generates a customized floor plan of the subject property dwelling with interior walls, doors, fixtures, etc. included at no extra charge. When using Leica distance meters, the dwelling is precisely measured with a Leica distance meter device. The dimensions are then input into the tablet application to create the floor plan. Through cloud technology, the property data is synced straight to the office so our staff can get to work on the file. This translates into a faster turnaround time for the customer.

All of this technology ensures that the final report is as comprehensive and without error as possible. This works to our advantage as well as our clients advantage by necessitating less time for call-backs and revisions. Our goal is to save you time and money without sacrificing quality or service.

Digital Workfile Technology

All appraisers must keep their reports and all supporting data, aka work file, for 5 years, allowing them to recall any appraisal at any time to either defend the valuation or to be used in other legal proceedings.

Here again, Professional Appraisers of Texas uses all the technology at our disposal to improve service. We store every part of the appraisal – notes, sketches, supporting documentation and calculations, along with the appraisal, electronically. We skip the outdated hard copies and only need our computer to recall all the details and data regarding the appraisal report.

These are just a few examples of how we use technology daily. Utilizing the right software, services, gadgets and gizmos allows our appraisers to collect the appraisal data to finish the report faster and more accurately than previously possible.

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3D Scanning/CubiCasa Floor Plan

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Online Appraisal Ordering

Our clients can utilize our online ordering function for convenient and secure online appraisal ordering. When an order is placed on the site, we receive an e-mail on our phones. If we are in the field, we are able to log into this site and send back an e-mail confirmation – including the time and date for the inspection if we’ve been able to talk to the occupant. If you prefer to call in your appraisal order, or if you need to speak to us concerning the property or assignment conditions, call us at (903) 686-0023, we always have time to talk to our clients.

Electronic Appraisal Report Delivery

Delivery of appraisals as PDF files through e-mail or online submission is definitely the standard these days. Generally our clients are most familiar with receiving PDF appraisal reports attached via email. We can also deliver appraisal reports through our website directly to the client. When we deliver an appraisal through our website, our client gets a link sent to their email to retrieve and download the appraisal PDF file.