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Our office staff are available all day, every day to answer questions, handle requests, and schedule real estate appraisal services in Katy.

Accurate Appraisals

Appraisers aren’t perfect. So we don’t just rely on our knowledge and experience. We use the best digital tools to deliver trustworthy reports.

Quick Report Turn Times

Most appraisers work alone. Without a team, the process is inefficient. That’s why our team shares the load, to deliver appraisals fast.

Highly Responsive Katy Appraisal Experts Who Answer… Every Time You Call.

Most property appraisers in Katy, TX are independent contractors. Without office staff to process requests or answer questions, the appraisal process moves along slowly.

That’s why Professional Appraisers of Texas is more than a group of independent contractors.

We are backed by an accessible support staff who make themselves available to you daily. So if your appraiser is tied up creating reports or assessing other properties, you don’t have to wait for days to get a simple question answered.

Whether you need to schedule an appraisal, request a revision, or check on the status of your report, you’ve got a team who will answer every time you call.

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What Kind Of Appraisal Do You Need?

Our Appraisal Company in Katy, TX Can Do It All

Lending & Mortgage Appraisal

We work with realtors and brokers daily to quickly provide credible opinions of value. Our goal is to ensure every real estate transaction we assist with runs smoothly.

Home Appraisal for Divorce

Divorce is stressful. Dividing assets correctly only adds to the stress. We’ll make it a little easier by providing trustworthy home appraisals for divorce settlements.

Estate & Probate Appraisals

Serving as the executor of a will is not easy. Precision in a probate appraisal is crucial to ensure all parties feel heard and receive fair treatment. We can help.

Property Tax Protest Appraisal

No one wants to spend more on property taxes than they have to. If you believe your property taxes are too high or the value of your property has changed, we can provide a property tax protest appraisal to support your claim with evidence.

Home Appraisal to Remove PMI

Banks require homeowners to pay Private Mortgage Insurance until they reach around 20% equity. If your home’s value has appreciated, you may not have to pay PMI anymore. Schedule an appraisal with Professional Appraisers of Texas today.

Listing Appraisals

Typically, realtors can recommend a reasonable listing price to sell your home. However, in unique circumstances, such as FSBO, you may want to acquire a listing appraisal to ensure you’re listing your home for the best market value.

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How Do We Keep Appraisals Accurate & Unbiased? With A Different Approach.

Our real estate appraisers in the Katy, TX area have decades of experience. Still, we don’t only rely on our expertise to ensure your appraisal is accurate. After all, even the best appraisers can make mistakes.

Instead, we rely on trusted tools, proven methods, and dependable data to help make sure your appraisal is free of errors.

Here’s how we approach the appraisal process…

We rely on accurate data.

One of the top factors used to determine the value of a house is the location. However, online real estate marketplace websites are not sufficient to get accurate data. We dig deeper to guarantee we have the most updated, relevant data so your home is appraised correctly.

We follow standard procedures.

We follow a meticulous checklist to ensure nothing is missed or forgotten. Some of the most important components we assess are the floor plan, square footage, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, and other features and amenities inside and outside the home.

We evaluate everything. Yes, everything.

Seemingly small home features that get overlooked during the appraisal can result in serious miscalculations in the report. That’s why we meticulously inspect every aspect of your property, assessing both large and small items, to ensure nothing important is left out of the report.

We hire experienced appraisers.

No matter what certifications, technology, or tools you have, nothing replaces the value of experience. At Professional Appraisers of Texas, we hire appraisal professionals with decades of experience. Each has provided opinions of values thousands of times.

We listen to you & welcome your questions.

This is your home, not ours. No one knows it like you do. If you have questions or concerns, we want to hear them. Our goal is to ensure you feel comfortable working with us and confident your appraisal will be fair and credible.

We Use Better Tools. You Get Better Results.

To ensure our appraisals are accurate and our process is efficient, we use high grade tools, including laser distance meters, cloud technology, electronic reporting, and more.

Here’s why that matters to you…

  • Faster turn times

    State-of-the-art technology lets us process requests, collect data, produce reports, and electronically deliver appraisals… much faster than traditional methods. So you’re not left waiting for weeks to get your appraisal.

  • Precision in reporting

    We use laser distance meters, instead of measuring taps to get the most accurate measurements. We use appraisal apps to record the most accurate floor plans. You can be confident that your report is always correct.

  • Easily accessible data

    Whether you need to access your appraisal report today, tomorrow, or next year, we can pull your documentation in seconds with a simple search. So you never have to wait long for the information you need.

Homeowners Like You Trust Us


“Professional Appraisers of Texas are knowledgeable, helpful, thorough and efficient. They are easy to schedule with, are timely and have supportive staff in the office.”
Amanda Robins


“I had to get my papers on a certain date and he rushed and got them done. When I had questions he answered my call or text at a reasonable time.”
Melissa Neal


“The appraiser showed up on time and introduced himself… After his inspection, we visited for a few minutes to ensure we were both in agreement on the scope of the inspection and he stated the appraisal report could take 2.5 to 3 weeks to complete. I was pleasantly surprised after only a 10-12 day period, I received a comprehensive appraisal of my property.”
Bryan Davis

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Most appraisers are independent contractors. You work with one person. If they don’t answer the phone, you have to wait until they call back. At Professional Appraisers of Texas, you don’t just have a single appraiser, but a team providing quality service. So you get your appraisal done faster and your questions answered immediately.

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