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We have office support staff who are always available to answer your questions and handle your requests. They’ll answer the phone every time you call.

Accurate Appraisals

Credibility is crucial in our line of work. That’s why we use the most accurate tools and methods to provide trustworthy home appraisals. Every time.

Quick Report Turn Times

We’ve improved the appraisal process to ensure you get… Fast response times. Fast data collection. Fast report creation. Fast delivery.

A Highly Responsive Houston Appraisal Company That Answers… Every Time You Call.

When an appraisal gets delayed, closing gets log jammed.

Most appraisers work solo. Without a team, they have to handle every aspect of the job alone — answering the phone, handling requests, creating reports.

Bottlenecks are unavoidable.

That’s why at Professional Appraisers of Texas, we have highly responsive support staff that help shoulder the load. They schedule appraisals, answer questions, handle revisions, process reports, and more. So you’re not left waiting for weeks for your appraisal to be completed.

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What Kind Of Appraisal Do You Need?


Lending & Mortgage Appraisal

We work with realtors and brokers daily to quickly provide credible opinions of value. Our goal is to ensure every real estate transaction we assist with runs smoothly.

Home Appraisal for Divorce

Divorce is stressful. Dividing assets correctly only adds to the stress. We’ll make it a little easier by providing trustworthy home appraisals for divorce settlements. Learn more about appraisals for divorce proceedings.

Estate & Probate Appraisals

Serving as the executor of a will is not easy. Precision in a probate appraisal is crucial to ensure all parties feel heard and receive fair treatment. We can help.

Property Tax Protest Appraisal

Property taxes can become unbearably expensive. Occasionally, homeowners may have reason to believe they are being overtaxed. Do you think the value of your property has changed or was incorrectly assessed, making your taxes too high? An updated home appraisal is the evidence you need to validate your claim.

Home Appraisal to Remove PMI

When your home’s equity reaches lender requirements (usually 20-25%), you are no longer required to pay for Private Mortgage Insurance. Removing PMI can reduce your mortgage. You may reach the required equity amount early if your home has appreciated. Learn more about Houston appraisals to see if you can remove PMI.

Listing Appraisals

Sometimes the value of your property isn’t easy to estimate with an online calculator or a realtor’s opinion of value. If you are not sure where to start when it comes to determining a listing price, you may need to request a real estate appraisal before you list your property. To ensure you get a good ROI.

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How Do We Keep Appraisals Accurate & Unbiased? With A Different Approach.

Appraisers are not perfect. We can have bad days. We can miscalculate. We can make mistakes.

That’s why our Houston property appraisers don’t just depend on our knowledge and experience to produce credible opinions of value. We rely on proven systems.

We rely on accurate data.

Location is a key factor in determining a home’s value. However, sometimes this information can become skewed for various reasons. Our Houston real estate appraisers work from the most relevant, up-to-date information available.

We follow standard procedures.

Our Houston, Texas property appraisers use a wide range of factors to appraise your home. We assess your home’s floor plan, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, your home’s amenities and features, square footage, and more.

We evaluate everything. Yes, everything.

We look at every amenity and feature of your home. Not just large assets, but also the small items that matter and shouldn’t be overlooked. Everything counts, and Houston appraisers who ignore smaller items may not produce accurate opinions of value.

We use state-of-the-art technology.

A measuring tape and writing pad make it easy to err. We use laser distance meters to ensure more accurate readings. We record data online to avoid mistakes or typos in the report. Better tools help us produce unbiased, credible appraisals.

We hire experienced appraisers.

Many of our Houston house appraisal experts have between 15 and 25 years of experience. Minimum. They’ve appraised thousands of properties like yours and have earned the trust of many homeowners to produce reliable appraisals every time.

We listen to you & welcome your questions.

When we arrive at your property, we’ll introduce ourselves and explain our process. During the process, we invite you to ask questions. When finished, we’ll visit with you to ensure you agree with the scope of the inspection. We want you to feel confident you’ll receive a fair appraisal.

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We Use Better Tools. You Get Better Results.

We’ve upgraded our tool belt. Gone are the days of using a tape measure and writing pad.
We use laser distance meters, cloud technology, and electronic reporting to deliver accurate and fast appraisals.

  • Faster turn times

    Appraisal requests, data collection, report creation, and appraisal delivery are all done electronically. Which drastically reduces turn times. And gets your appraisal in your hands faster than anyone else.

  • Accurate home appraisals

    Laser distance meters, mobile appraisal apps, and other tools help ensure the most precise data. Accurate measuring and exact floor plans enable us to deliver reliable home appraisals consistently.

  • Easily accessible data

    We use cloud technology to make our data easy to access today, tomorrow, and five years from now. We’ve done away with filing cabinets and replaced them with faster, accessible online appraisal records.

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