Listing Appraisals

We regularly complete appraisals for agents and brokers who need assistance in determining a competitive list price. An over-priced listing sits on MLS for too long and gets stale, losing potential buyers as the weeks go by. A listing priced too low is scooped up in a matter of days, leaving the agent to field questions from their client if the property was priced incorrectly. We can help real estate agents and brokers pin down what the property should sell for in the current market.

Measurements Only

Another service we offer is home “measurements only”. The county appraisal district often has incorrect data, including incorrect dwelling and improvement size. If you simply need to verify the size of a property, we will make a site visit to measure the improvements on site. You will be provided with a formal sketch of the property which includes the house, patios/porches, garage and carport storage, along with dimensions and calculations. This service costs a fraction of the appraisal fee and gives you the confidence you are not selling too much house for an inadequate asking price.


Drawing a floor plan with interior walls is often no easy task for someone who is not trained in measurements and floor plans. We measure houses, collect data, and recreate house floor plans day in and day out. Order your THIRD-PARTY INSPECTION & FLOOR PLAN DRAWING and one of our highly-trained professionals will gather all data needed for your Desktop Appraisal. We will then provide this information to you and your lender who can forward the Data Collection Report to the appraiser assigned to the loan file.

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